“No longer can those responsible for the economic development playing field see the world in terms of separate, silo-like institutions of Programmes and Organisations – unless we see the Organic, Interconnected & Fractal nature of the real world of Business, Capital and Entrepreneurship, our efforts will be limited, short-lived and increasingly irrelevant.”

The LoS4SMEs (TM) is a proven enterprise development process that was established in 2009. It focuses on making townships Self-sufficient and Vibrant economic centers.

We operate as a Co-locating partner of TBP in collaboration with local partners in 3 Jozi SME Hubs. The group collectively has assisted in excess of 30 000 clients in the financial year 2015 and 2016.

We believe that the design, development, nurturing and management of entrepreneurial ecosystems will become the pre-eminent and core strategic enabler of economic development for cities in the developing world.

We intend placing LoS4SME at the centre of this trend as a thought-leader, master practitioner, knowledge factory / warehouse and brand leader.

Through focusing ourselves on building expertise in this area, and acquiring and feeding knowledge, tools, and expertise to our branches.

Through partnerships with Government Agencies and Private Sector.


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